Canadian Mining in Puebla and its Human Rights Impact (summary)

Publishing date: April 03, 2017

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The gold and silver open pit mine IXTACA PROJECT, on its advanced exploration stage, is located in the Ixtacamaxtitlán municipality, in the SIERRA NORTE region of the Mexican State of PUEBLA. It occupies the South-Eastern portion of Tuligtic Project. Both concessions are properties of ALMADEN MINERALS Ltd. Directly or as a partner, Almaden was involved in other mining projects (like Caballo Blanco and White River) which have been cancelled because of its negative impacts on the environment and human rights. KNIGHT PIÉSOLD ENGINEERING was responsible for the elaboration of economic reports and environmental impact studies in Ixtaca and other projects which also had severe environmental implications (spills) against the population’s health in Mount Polley, Canada, and Yanacocha, Peru.


Canadian Mining in Puebla and its Human Rights Impact

  April 03, 2017

For the Life and Future of Ixtacamaxtitlán and the Apulco River Basin