Grupo Mexico shareholders, 10 years of complicity in human rights violations

Publishing date: May 20, 2024

We share this statement from Comites Cuenca Rio Sonora:

Sonora, May 23, 2024.

In less than three months it will be 10 years since the Grupo Mexico toxic spill in our Sonora and Bacanuchi rivers occurred.

It has been many years of trying to reach you, of asking you to act and ask the company for the correct information about the case which, is not usually provided.

Today, we continue to mourn the death of people in our communities, struggling with the grief of seeing our health declining and knowing that NOTHING is being done for the youth and children who continue to consume water contaminated with arsenic, lead, manganese, mercury and other metals way over the accepted parameters, that are now accumulating in our bodies.

We have seen how some of you have made small steps and are talking about the need for the company to conduct human rights due diligence, also telling governments to oblige companies to implement these processes.


We see with pain your inaction, your lack of response to our calls, your permanence as shareholders of Grupo Mexico / Southern Copper Corporation even though contaminated water passes through our eight municipalities, with more than 22 thousand affected people, which leads to our abandonment and death without justice.

Today we ask you to listen to our voices, to be coherent with your declarations in favor of environmental protection and human rights, to demand that the company responds to your calls at the highest levels and that it respects the contractual obligations they have before you.

You have the opportunity to have a real case in your hands, with official information from the Mexican State which recognizes the responsibility1 2 of Grupo Mexico / Southern Copper Corporation in the face of human rights abuses, to change the way of doing business respecting these rights, and to start with full reparation, guarantees of non-repetition and prevention of damages to us in future operations. We are here to provide evidence, share our testimonies, and to work together.

At this Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Grupo Mexico / Southern Copper Corporation 2024 we ask you not to compensate this inaction for the tenth consecutive year.

You have the opportunity to make history and act in rejection of these behaviors, which are unsustainable, both for you and for us.

We hope to hear from you soon and to be able to engage in a dialogue.

We will achieve reparations, justice, and non-repetition.

Comites de Cuenca Río Sonora


Grupo Mexico shareholders, 10 years of complicity in human rights violations

May 20, 2024

Statement from Comités de Cuenca Río Sonora.