We want to build citizen power in order to guarantee long-term accountability.


To advocate for corporate transparency and accountability in Latin America from a human rights perspective, and to empower civil society actors that have been affected by harmful corporate practices so they can act as champions of accountability in the long term.

PODER does this through corporate research, technologies for transparency, strategic engagement and community organization. These are the four pillars on which we build a citizens’ movement for corporate accountability.


Our vision of Latin America is one where the people are powerful enough to engage public and private sectors on an equal footing in order to hold the latter to account, thus ensuring democracy and democratic economies.

The core issue we address is the capture of the State by economic and political elites that control public decision-making, effectively limiting the development of democratic economies. We believe these elite actors have appropriated national political and economic power for their own benefit, and as a result, the rule of law and democratic mechanisms fail to hold them accountable. Citizens, communities and civil society organizations (SCO) must be empowered to pressure the State and corporate actors to correct this power imbalance.

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Código de ética de PODER

Octubre 5, 2020

Principios y valores rectores de la organización sobre los que se asientan nuestras actividades y prácticas institucionales.

Protocolo para la atención al hostigamiento y acoso sexual laboral de PODER

Octubre 5, 2020

Procedimiento y propuestas de prevención.

Política de financiamiento

Septiembre, 2020

Documento sobre organizaciones que otorgan financiamiento a PODER.

Misión / Visión

Febrero, 2020

Nuestra misión y visión institucional.

¿Qué hacemos en PODER?

 Febrero, 2020

Información sobre nuestro trabajo y estrategias.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la organización

 Enero, 2020

Las preguntas que nos hacen en las reuniones familiares.


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