About BlackRock

Little known, but highly influential in Mexico

BlackRock Inc., the world’s largest asset manager, began investing in Mexico in 2008 and today controls significant assets in pension funds, the stock market, and the energy industry, both as investor and fund manager.

Operating discreetly from behind the scenes, it has activated networks of influence that have make it one of the leading financial players in the country.

Through data from the Mexican Stock Exchange, databases on Black Rock’s ETFs, access-to-information filings and interviews, we sought to analyze and learn more about the roles played by this actor little known, but highly influential, in Mexican economic policy.

Visit the website BlackRock, el gigante desconocido, developed by PODER as part of the Initiative for Investigative Journalism in the Americas, of the International Center for Journalists and find more information about the topic here.

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Tren Maya y extractivas

BlackRock en el sureste mexicano

Diciembre 3, 2020

Infografía sobre la participación y el porcentaje de BlackRock en proyectos de energía.