Almaden Minerals

Business interests at the cost of community rights

Almaden Minerals is a Canadian company that owns more mining concessions in the state of Puebla than any other firm. It has 14,000 hectares of concession land in the Tuligtic Project, and through two subsidiaries–Minera Gorrión and Minera Gavilán–it plans to mine gold and silver in the Sierra Norte region.

As one of the organizations that has accompanied the Unión de Ejidos y Comunidades en Defensa del Agua, la Tierra y la Vida, Atcolhua, in Ixtacamaxtitlán, Puebla in the defense of their territory, we documented how Almaden has violated the human rights of these communities, filed inaccurate information and concealed data from investors and the Mexican authorities. We have also found that Almaden’s projects, and those of its suppliers, are marked by serious environmental impacts and have negatively affected human rights in a number of countries.

Here you can find various reports, maps, data sets, methodologies and external communication materials that PODER has developed to support the organized communities of the Sierra Norte de Puebla in defending their territory against Almaden Minerals.

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Observaciones a la Manifestación de Impacto Ambiental (MIA) del Proyecto Ixtaca

  Abril 6, 2020

Documento con comentarios y observaciones al proyecto minero de Almaden Minerals.

¿Tú le crees a Almaden Minerals?

Febrero, 2020

Paquete de infografías.

Minería canadiense y su impacto en los derechos humanos en Puebla

Marzo 27, 2017

Evaluación de Impacto en Derechos Humanos.


Marzo 01, 2017

Almaden Minerals engaña a la gente en Ixtacamaxtitlán.