The Woman on the Stock Exchange

The Stock Exchange is a Man’s Exchange

We analyzed the proportion of men and women members on the boards of directors of publicly-traded companies on 15 stock exchanges of Latin America and Spain. We found that for every woman, there are 7 men. Mexico is the worst country for gender equity in this regard. Costa Rica leads the ranking with 22.43% of board seats occupied by women. There is still a lot of work to do.

The Women on the Stock Exchange 2020 webpage is a PODER initiative, with a gender perspective, in an alliance with Datasketch, Cuestión Pública, La Nación, Plaza Pública, Ojo Público, Semanario Universidad, Managua Furiosa, Los Tiempos, Metro Libre, La Diaria, El Surtidor, El Desconcierto and El País, whose purpose is to reveal the presence of women in decision-making spaces of private enterprise.

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