Tracking the Lava Jato case in Mexico

Odebrecht is a Brazilian construction firm with broad influence in Latin America and businesses in various fields, including engineering, construction, manufacturing, chemicals and petrochemicals. Involved in corruption and money-laundering cases in virtually every country of the region, Odebrecht is an emblematic example of state capture.

Through regular investigation, we tracked and analyzed Odebrecht’s investments in Mexico (for example, in the Ethylene XXI project) as well as bribery and corruption scandals also involving Pemex, Enrique Peña Nieto and Emilio Lozoya Austin, such as the acquisition of the Agronitrogenados scrap-processing plant.

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¿A quién beneficia el Tren Maya?

Junio 3, 2020

Infografía sobre las personas y empresas beneficiadas con el proyecto del Tren Maya.