The New Mexico City International Airport

Bad business for Mexico

A paradigmatic case of the state capture phenomenon in Mexico.

The plan to build a new international airport in Mexico City (the NAICM) at Texcoco is a paradigmatic case of state capture and how business elites can influence decisions that affect us as a society.

From this perspective, PODER has closely followed the issue, contributing strategic research and data journalism to expose the interests and business relationships behind the NAICM.

Our flagship project on this issue is, a website that offers data visualization and analysis, showing the results of three years’ investigation into the new Mexico City International Airport (NAICM) project in Texcoco, its funding, contracts and real beneficiaries. We also present conclusions on the project’s viability.

The project was conducted as part of the advocacy and technical consulting provided by PODER, together with Serapaz, to the Frente de Pueblos en Defensa de la Tierra-Atenco and the Plataforma de Pueblos contra el Nuevo Aeropuerto.

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