Our four programmatic areas make our work effective.

To fulfill its mission, PODER has four program areas and three overarching strategies for pursuing its objectives. PODER promotes synergies, intersections and joint projects across programs.


Strategic Research

Creating data tools is at the heart of PODER’s work. The research we conduct with these tools directly benefits civil society and communities affected by corporate activities. We train workers, communities and grass-roots organizations on how to take ownership of and use these tools and the results of our research. Learn more. See the team.

Community Organization

PODER provides support for community organizing and capacity-building with local communities, workers and other civil society organizations so that they are able to defend themselves from harmful corporate practices. See the team.

Transparency Technology

For many, companies are like “black boxes”: information on them is virtually inaccessible. To correct this asymmetry, PODER develops and applies technologies to open up, analyze and disseminate company information. Learn more. See the team.

Strategic Engagement

PODER creates and convenes spaces, at the local and global levels, for the voices of communities who would otherwise be excluded from the dialogue between companies and government. We participate in strategic national and international fora,and campaigns for corporate accountability. PODER also engages with decision-makers to advocate for regulation to protect human rights in the private sector. Learn moreSee the team.

Cross-cutting Areas

External Communications

This team supports PODER’s programmatic work through the use of communication strategies and materials designed to promote business accountability. The team brings the message on corporate transparency and accountability to broader audiences, amplifying the voices of this agenda and influencing the prevailing narratives. See the team.

Strategic Litigation

PODER sees litigation as a tool for achieving our accountability goals in the short and long term. This strategy has been applied in emblematic cases, including as part of our accompaniment of communities affected by a toxic spill from a mine in Río Sonora. See the team.

Organizational Development

This team supports PODER’s institutional processes, including internal communications, staff training program, supporting the work of the Co-Executive Directors and the Board of Directors, and systematizing tools to improve workflow. See the team.

Funding and Operations

The funding and operations team supports the organization with administrative, accounting, logistical and management issues. See the team.

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Código de ética de PODER

Octubre 5, 2020

Principios y valores rectores de la organización sobre los que se asientan nuestras actividades y prácticas institucionales.

Protocolo para la atención al hostigamiento y acoso sexual laboral de PODER

Octubre 5, 2020

Procedimiento y propuestas de prevención.

Política de financiamiento

Septiembre, 2020

Documento sobre organizaciones que otorgan financiamiento a PODER.

Misión / Visión

Febrero, 2020

Nuestra misión y visión institucional.

¿Qué hacemos en PODER?

 Febrero, 2020

Información sobre nuestro trabajo y estrategias.

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la organización

 Enero, 2020

Las preguntas que nos hacen en las reuniones familiares.


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